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  1. Religious Studies

    Oakland University - Rochester Hills, MI

    • Bachelor's

    offers a general concentration in religious studies, as well as minors in religious studies, Judaic studies, Islamic studies, and Christianity studies. In addition, if you wish to major in religious studies, you may petition the college “committee on instruction” with a specialized plan of study. To explore this option, email the program advisor, Dr. Charles

  2. Religious Studies

    Drew University - Madison, NJ

    • BS

    Religious Studies is a comparative, cultural exploration of the world’s religions

  3. Religious Studies

    Las Positas College - Livermore, CA

    • Non-degree

    Religious studies courses are offered to meet the needs of students

  4. Religious Studies

    Capitol College - Laurel, MD

    • BA

    The Religious Studies offerings are integral to the liberal arts core of Stritch. Through Religious Studies courses, the student is challenged to examine the religious dimension of human existence

  5. Religious Studies

    Calumet College of Saint Joseph - Whiting, IN

    • BA

    The Religious Studies Program offers a B.A. in Religious Studies, an A.A. in Religious Studies and a Certificate in Religious Studies. The courses are designed for and available to all students and for those who wish to major or minor in the discipline. The Religious

  6. Religious Studies

    Marygrove College - Detroit, MI

    • BA

    The Department of Religious Studies offers an undergraduate program that explores the religious dimension in human life and the role of religion in human affairs

  7. Religious Studies

    Spelman College - Atlanta, GA

    • Bachelor's

    The department of philosophy and religious studies offers two majors, one in philosophy and the other in religious studies. The two majors enrich each other, but retain their separate identities and missions and provide an enhanced concentration for our students

  8. Religious Studies

    Marywood University - Scranton, PA

    • Minor

    of Liberal Arts & Sciences Department: Religious Studies Department Contact Information Office of University Admissions 866-279-9663 Email: Chairperson: Dr. Charles DeCelles Department of Religious Studies 570-348-2504 Email: Admissions Website

  9. Religious Studies

    Humboldt State University - Arcata, CA

    • BA

    Religious Studies Major Why Study Religion? Religious Studies is a disciplined analysis and reflections upon religious dimensions of human life. Utilizing a wide spectrum of methodologies from the Humanities and Social Sciences, Religious Studies explores what makes persons religious, elements

  10. Religious Studies

    Orange Coast College - Costa Mesa, CA

    • Certificate

    in Arts degree will find Religious Studies courses can be used for some General Education requirements. Students transferring to Religious Studies programs at four-year colleges will have a strong background for upper division work in the field