WVC Industrial Technology - Electronics

WVC Industrial Technology - Electronics

Wenatchee Valley College - Wenatchee, WA

  • Associate Degree

WVC Industrial Technology - Electronics The industrial technology - electronics program provides training for maintenance electricians and electronics technicians within industrial facilities such as wood processing plants, agricultural food storage and processing warehouses, manufacturing plants and hydroelectric power facilities. It also provides advanced-level training and skill improvement for plant electricians and other employees seeking to improve their work classification within their company on modern electronic circuits, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and control systems. Before entering the industrial technology - electronics program, you are strongly advised to complete one year of high school algebra or its equivalent. Prior to entry into the program, documentation of computer literacy, or BCT 105 Computer Applications, or instructor permission is required. A current first aid card with CPR is required upon graduation. Coursework in computers and basic electricity/electronics is also beneficial prior to entering the program. If you desire to transfer your electronics courses to a four-year institution upon graduation from WVC, at a minimum you are encouraged to take college MATH 105 and ENGL 101. To be eligible for the degree, students must earn at least a cumulative 2.0 grade point average. Core program courses may have prerequisite requirements. English and mathematics courses require qualifying assessment scores or acceptable preparatory coursework in those subjects. See the course descriptions for details. If you complete the industrial technology - electronics ATS degree, you can earn electrical hours toward the Washington State Labor and Industry (07) Nonresidential Maintenance Specialty Electrical License. Program Guide Suggested Course Sequence: Associate of Technical Science Degree (requires all first- and second-year courses) Offered at Wenatchee campus Year 1 Fall Quarter Credits ELTRO 101 DC Electronics 5 ENGR 102 Engineering Graphics 4 BCT 116 Professional Work Relations 3 ELEC 125 Wiring Diagrams and Schematics 5 Year 1 Winter Quarter ENGL 100* Writing in the Workplace 5 ENGR 105 Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) 5 ELEC 115 Applied Electricity 5 ELTRO 121 Digital Electronics 5 Year 1 Spring Quarter MATH 100T* Technical Math 5 OCED 130 Industrial Safety 4 ELTRO 132 Introduction to Computer Controls and PLCs 5 ELEC 135 Control Fundamentals 3 Year 2 Fall Quarter CTS 110 A+ Computer Hardware 5 ELTRO 202 Introduction to the NEC 2 ELTRO 210 Programming Software for PLCs 5 ELTRO 221 Graphic Interface Programs for PLCs 4 Year 2 Winter Quarter WELD 128 Basic Welding 3 ELTRO 220 Control Devices and Motor Drives 3 ELTRO 223 TAG Based PLC Programming 3 ELEC 225 Industrial Electricity and Controls 5 Year 2 Spring Quarter CSC 151 Web Content Development I 5 ELTRO 230 PLC Networking 5 ELTRO 231 Troubleshooting Electronic PLC Control Systems 5 ELTRO 240 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 5 Associate of Technical Science Degree 104 *Assessment score required.

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