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Wellness & Alternative Medicine

Johnson State College - Johnson, VT

Bachelor of Science (BS)

An interdisciplinary collaboration between JSC’s Behavioral Sciences and Environmental & Health Sciences departments, the program employs societal, cultural, biochemical and global frameworks to investigate the history, principles and scientific evidence for the safety and effectiveness of diverse modalities to heal disease and to create wellness. It provides the scientific knowledge and practical skills needed to make informed healthcare decisions and lifestyle choices and to prepare for careers as state-of- the-art healthcare professionals, veterinarians and doctors. Students study conventional, allopathic medicine in the U.S. as well as alternative medical models from around the world. On-campus and EDP students may elect to co-enroll in approved certification programs to become massage therapists, yoga instructors, reiki masters and Ayurvedic consultants. (This option is not available to students enrolled in this program through JSC Online.) Graduates are prepared for initial positions in the wellness and fitness industry, hospital employee-assistance programs, social-assistance programs, the diet and supplements industry and as assistants to alternative medical practitioners. Many graduates go on to graduate and medical schools to become physicians, nurses, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, Chinese medical doctors, ayurvedic physicians and homeopathic doctors. You'll gain practical skills and training in this rigorous, science-based program while exploring the social, cultural, political and psychological dimensions of various healthcare systems and holistic models for health, wellness and healing.

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Contemporary Health Issues Human Anatomy & Physiology I Human Anatomy & Physiology II Integrative Health & Professional Series Wellness & Alternative Medicine Alternative Medicine, Science & Disease Senior Integrative Health Care Seminar Wellness Lifestyle & Career Seminar Internship in Allied Health Science Internship in Anthropology Internship in Sociology Internship in Wellness & Alternative Medicine Yoga and Ayurveda: Science & Culture Native American Healing - The Lakota & Shamanic Traditions Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture I Introduction to Meditation Herbs: The Medicine Garden Naturopathic Medicine Massage & Bodywork Homeopathy I Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture II Herbalism, Wellness & Healing Mindfulness Meditation Massage, Science & Wellness Homeopathy II Bio of life Introduction to Biology Introduction to Biology: Ecology & Evolution Introduction to Biology: Cells & Genetic Basis of Life Chemistry General Chemistry I General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Drugs, Herbs & Pharmacology Drugs, Herbs & Society Introduction to Pharmacology Applied Herbal Pharmacology Healthcare & Healing Around the World Multicultural Health, Illness & Healing Global Health, Diversity & Policy Healing All Wounds: Global Humanitarian Aid and Warzone Medicine Nutrition: The Biochemistry & Eco-Politics of Food and Diet Nutrition Nutrition, Food & Society Epigenetics: Diet, Lifestyle & Environment Stress: Biopsychological Response & Wellness Lifestyle Choices Psychophysiology of Stress Health Behavior: Change & Adherence Living the Good Life Holistic nurse Physician Chiropractor Naturopathic doctor Acupuncturist Nutritionist Dietician Herbal medicine practitioner Oriental medicine practitioner Massage therapist Physical therapist Yoga teacher Counselor Consultant Homeopathic practitioner Holistic allopathic doctor/physician Ayurvedic practitioner Holistic veterinarian Public policy consultant Public and environmental health administrator Researcher Types of Employers Hospitals Medical centers Clinics Physician offices Colleges and universities Public health organizations Insurance companies Home care providers Nursing homes Self-employed/private practice Wellness centers/studios International health organizations Governmental health organizations