Web Site Administration

Web Site Administration

Northwest State Community College - Archbold, OH

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Having a Web presence today is expected. A web presence extends the reach of a traditional brick and mortar operation and also breaks down the i nancial barrier of opening and running a new business. A successful website internet for the world or intranet for limited or restricted access is the result of the ef orts of a technical specialist – website administrator. A recent survey of headhunters was conducted by Information Week to determine the hot skills that were being sought among IT professionals. h is study revealed that over 70 percent of respondents were interested in Internet skills experience and web infrastructure experience. h e modern specialists must manage ever changing applications, e-mail, content, security and have the ability to manage and direct a team of individuals. h e day and age of having a single individual manage the internet resources for an organization is only possible for the smallest of operations.

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