Web Design & Interactive Media

Web Design & Interactive Media

Argosy University-San Francisco Bay Area - Alameda, CA

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Program Description The Bachelor of Science program in Web Design & Interactive Media assists students in gaining an advanced understanding in interactive media and Web design. The bachelorÕs program provides a theoretical and hands-on approach to education that offers a theoretical foundation and general education to aid students in the development and maturation of their artistic abilities and to solidify their technical skills. By working in classrooms and computer labs, a foundation in drawing and design, image manipulation, interface design, scripting, sound, video, and animation is developed. More complex coursework employs authoring tools to integrate text, sound, graphics, animation, and video to complete interactive projects. The program introduces the structure of online games, information design, interactive authoring, Web animation, and e-commerce applications. The individual interested in this field is one who feels comfortable with and challenged by technology, and who has specialized skills as a designer or technician. Faculty, many of whom are industry professionals, are committed to helping students combine their creative abilities with technical skills for entry into interactive design related professions including e-commerce, entertainment, publishing, education, and marketing. Program Objectives Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to: ¥ Demonstrate knowledge of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in interactive media. ¥ Apply basic research methods in interactive media, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation. ¥ Apply the language and concepts of the field of interactive design through effective communication and design. ¥ Acquire and disseminate digital information and use computers and other technology for a variety of purposes. ¥ Demonstrate a strong foundation in color theory, design, digital image manipulation, multimedia system design, scriptwriting, sound, video, animation, Web programming and interface design for the purposes of branding and business optimization. ¥ Apply the principles of form and function to produce design and business solutions appropriate to a particular client or target audience. ¥ Seek entry-level positions leading to careers such as interface designer, digital media producer, multimedia producer, multimedia scriptwriter, computer-based training designer, Web designer, and Web script language developer in such fields as law, medicine, science, engineering, architecture, education, corporate communications, consumer information delivery, and advertising. Graduation Requirements To receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media, students must: receive a passing grade or credit for all required coursework; earn a minimum of 180 quarter credits; achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher; meet portfolio or other requirements as outlined by the program; and satisfy all financial obligations to The Art Institutes.

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