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Bachelor of Science in Sociology Guess what these people all have in common? President Ronald Reagan, First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jesse Jackson, Dan Aykroyd, Robin Williams, and CNN White House Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux. Yep. They were all sociology majors. A sociology undergraduate degree is common for many types of professionals: Social workers, counselors, administrative professionals, teachers, librarians, business managers, marketing and sales. Sociologists learn powerful ways of thinking about and analyzing human systems and behaviors that can be applied to just about anything. Once mastered, the perspective constantly yields new and important insights. At IIT, the major emphasizes the sociology of technology, science, the built environment, and work and organizations. Given IIT’s strong history and reputation in these fields, we feel there is no better place for an undergraduate to study their more sociological aspects. Sociology undergraduates will find a rich possibility for their training here that is generally not available elsewhere. There are five core courses and six electives required within the sociology major, including a senior seminar (“capstone course”) in which students will produce a research paper or other project that demonstrates their interests and skills to potential employers and/or graduate schools. Sociology majors are required to complete 36 credits in sociology. Majors are also required to complete an approved course in statistics and a course in research methods. Additional courses may be required to prepare students for professional training and for entrance to fields such as law and medicine.

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