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SOCIOLOGY PROGRAM MISSION STATEMENT Our goal is to advance studentsÕ intellectual preparation in macro and micro sociological concepts through rigorous, substantive, theoretical, and methodological coursework. The program will provide students with opportunities for praxis oriented internships, and on-going and continuous engagement with the program facultyÕs teaching and research activities. Our graduates will have the personal and scholarly skills needed to face the challenges associated with: social change, diversity of persons and ideas, and an evolving global economy. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Goal I: Students will demonstrate mastery of sociologyÕs domains, underlying assumptions and theoretical and methodological perspectives. Objective A: Understanding and applying theoretical perspectives of sociology. 1. Acquire an in depth knowledge of at least one sociological theory. 2. Be able to articulate the differences between the major theoretical perspectives. 3. Be able to apply theoretical perspectives to everyday life. Objective B: Understanding and utilizing research methodologies. 1. Understand independent and dependent variables, sampling, measurement, and descriptive and inferential reasoning. 2. Understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative methodologies. 3. Be able to identify the most appropriate methodology to answer particular research questions. 4. Acquire an in depth understanding of a specific research methodology. Objective C: Knowledge of the substantive domains of sociology. 1. Be acquainted with all the major areas of sociological inquiry. 2. Acquire an in depth knowledge of at least two major areas in sociology. Objective D: Understanding the nature of social order and social change. 1. Understand the causes, contexts, and consequences of social stratification. 2. Understand the causes, contexts, and consequences of social change. 3. Understand the dynamic interplay between social order and social change. Goal II: Students will demonstrate a mastery of university wide learning objectives in the areas of critical thinking, communication, engaged citizenship, and a well rounded skill set. Objective A: Communication skills: Written and Oral. 1. Be able to facilitate a seminar discussion on a particular topic. 2. Be able to design and deliver a well-organized, coherent presentation. 3. Create papers and reports that communicate ideas clearly, and are well organized and free from major writing errors. Objective B: Analytical and Reasoning Skills. 1. Organize a well-reasoned argument in support of a thesis or hypothesis. 2. Critically analyze written material and empirical evidence. 3. Identify and essential information from written text. 4. To reach judgments based on logical arguments and empirical evidence. Objective C: Awareness of and respect for human diversity nationally and globally. 1. Knowledge of the historical experience and contemporary condition of ethnic groups and women within the United States and elsewhere. 2. Knowledge of the cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity locally and throughout California. 3. Function in a multicultural / gender integrated environment. Objective D: Capacity for effective interactional and collaboration. 1. Undertake and complete joint projects. 2. Ability to fulfill both leadership and support roles in group activities. 3. Ability to mediate conflicts and resolve disputes. Goal III: Students will demonstrate an awareness of career options in sociology and will have career based learning opportunities. Objective A: Awareness of the range of career and graduate studies options open to sociology majors. Objective B: Acquire internship, teaching, and/or research experience while pursuing the major. Goal IV: Students will develop the ability to become agents of social change. Objective A: Knowledge of the tradition of social action in the discipline of sociology. Objective B: Confront moral and ethical issues and choices. Objective C: Engage in civic action.

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