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Augustana College offers a major and minor in sociology, and a concentration in social welfare. The Anthropology program resides within the overall department of sociology, anthropology and social welfare. A major and minor is also offered in Anthropology. Sociology is the scientific study of human interaction, groups, social institutions and culture -- social forces that create order or cause change in society. Students who choose a sociology major with a concentration in social welfare examine responses of society to human needs and social problems. The sociology department offers a wide range of courses dealing with such topics as race, class, gender, aging, organization, religion, demography and crime. Students of social welfare focus on such issues as mental and physical health, crime, child and family welfare, and poverty. Because the study of sociology includes issues and themes found throughout the liberal arts, Augustana's liberal arts foundation provides the ideal environment for sociological studies. The sociology faculty contributes significantly to the Augustana General Education Series, the liberal studies sequence for all students. Augustana students complete a Senior Inquiry capstone project during the senior year, working with a faculty mentor as they demonstrate and further develop knowledge in their field. Within the sociology department, students create a portfolio of their major papers along with a final research project.

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