Science for Teachers

Science for Teachers

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

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Master of Science for Teachers (MST) The Master of Science for Teachers (MST) is designed for experienced teachers or training officers and aims to strengthen their academic background in computer science, the teaching of computer science, and the use of computer science in teaching. The program, though flexible enough to meet a variety of needs, also requires substantive coursework in the core of computer science. The student, with a faculty adviser, develops a program of study, describes the project, and specifies an elective program, which must be approved by the faculty of the department. The program of study consists of 32 credit hours, at least 20 hours of which must be 500-level courses. It also includes an MST project that deals with some aspect of computer science or with computer science applied to some other academic discipline. To be awarded the MST degree, the student must satisfactorily complete the program of study and pass a project defense examination (comprehensive exam), which consists of an oral defense of the project. Of the 32 credit hours, 12 credit hours must be from the courses listed below: CS 485 Computers in Society CS 560 Computer Science in the Classroom CS 561 The Computer and Curriculum Content CS 565 Computer-Assisted Instruction CS 566 Practicum in the Application of Computers to Education

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