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When you study religion at Ashland University, you enter an intellectual journey that will deepen and broaden your understanding of Christianity and world religions. You will explore the areas of Biblical studies, Christian theology and ethics, the history of Christianity, the world's major religious traditions and practical theology. What you will love about our religion programs: YouÕll enjoy the close interaction with professors thatÕs possible because of our small classroom environment. You'll learn from your fellow students who come from a wide range of traditions and denominations, and make your own unique contribution in our seminar style discussions. YouÕll build expertise for graduate school, seminary or your next career step by completing a Majors Thesis exploring a topic of your choice from your area of concentration. You'll have the opportunity to travel outside the classroom with faculty led tours to such places as Israel, Greece or Italy. A recent trip to the Southern U.S. explored the religious dimensions of the Civil Rights Movement. Recent graduates have gone on to attend graduate school at Princeton, Duke, Emory, Azusa Pacific, Oxford, and Ashland Theological Seminary. You can undertake service learning projects that integrate your a studies and helping others in such places as nursing homes, hospices, and non-profit organizations. REACH YOUR CAREER GOALS Religious studies at Ashland University prepares you for a well-defined career path. Click to see some options! SPIRITUALLY ALIVE FACULTY Faculty members include pastors, community organizers and authors, which give students a broad view of faith in action. Professors work closely with students both in class and one-on-one in development of the Majors Thesis. They enjoy mentoring students scholastically and spiritually. Through presentations, activities and special speakers, professors integrate the religion program into campus life in a positive, enriching way. Professors teach all classes and never rely on graduate students to instruct students. GAIN REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE Faculty members encourage students to get involved in service learning projects that put your faith in motion helping others... Click for more! INTERESTING CLASSES YOU MAY TAKE Global Christianity, Culture and MissionÑStudy the relationship between gospel and culture, the history of worldwide Christian mission and characteristics of the contemporary Christian church in various global contexts. Taking Human Life Ñ Examine issues such as euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment, suicide and warfare from a variety of perspectives within the Judeo-Christian tradition. History of Religions in America Ñ Explore the history of religions in America from the mid-16th century to the present by studying not only the social contexts within which American religions developed but also the diversity of American religious thought during the period. Understanding Islam in TodayÕs WorldÑInvestigate the basic beliefs and practices of Islam as they are understood and observed in various parts of the world.

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