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The Religion major promotes an investigation of the basic questions of existence: human origin, meaning, purpose, spirituality, and divinity. At Ottawa University, this major promotes a Christian worldview and fosters a comprehension of religious beliefs and practices throughout the world. Students analyze sacred literature and historical contexts to understand the interactions of religion and culture. They consider the role of religion in contemporary America as they seek to clarify their own convictions and moral precepts. Study in this field can profoundly shape individual identity as students examine their personal attitudes, values, and beliefs. Students gain Biblical, theological, and philosophical knowledge that helps them develop respect and appreciation for diversity among persons of different religions, ideologies, and ethnicities. They are encouraged to become critical thinkers, expand their world views and develop a personal sense of responsibility to minister to others. Graduates are prepared to continue their education at the graduate level, enter Christian ministry, teach, or pursue a wide range of careers dedicated to assisting and serving others.

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