Psychology: Learning, Memory, Cognition

Psychology: Learning, Memory, Cognition

Hollins University - Roanoke, VA

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Seasonal affective disorder, subliminal perception, snakes, and preschoolers. What do they have in common, along with light therapy, parental investment, jealousy, and tattoos? They have all been either topics of study or populations studied by students in the psychology department at Hollins University. Working with professors and using sophisticated equipment, psychology majors learn research skills, study theory, and apply knowledge through internships. By the time students graduate, they will have gained a greater understanding of the human mind, be able to think critically, be organized, solve problems, design experiments, use statistics, and write effectively. Psychology students take a series of courses designed to expose them to areas that constitute modern psychology, with particular emphasis on research methods and the scientific roots of psychology. In addition to the core courses, students will take courses from each of the following areas: Abnormal & Clinical Biological & Comparative Developmental Learning, Memory, Cognition Social & Personality Independent study and research We sponsor independent studies that allow a student to pursue an in-depth study of an area of interest. The department has several lines of ongoing research, and students are encouraged to participate in these projects. Housing and travel support are available for those students who would like to travel to the professional convention at which their project is presented. Students who choose to do honors theses are required to conduct original research projects, and present their findings at the Hollins University Science Seminar and at the Virginia Psychological Association meeting held in the spring. Internships are a practical extension of the classroom The department sponsors many internships which allow students to work in organizations relating to their area of interest. Some recent psychology internships have included: Bowman Gray Medical Clinic American Psychological Association, Women's Program Office University of Maryland Medical School, Pediatrics Department Planned Parenthood Veterans Administration Hospital, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Unit Bedford County School System, school psychologist Psychology Associates of Tallahassee Mental Health Services of Roanoke Valley Careers in psychology Although some psychology majors choose graduate school after Hollins, others are eager to immediately start their careers. According to career research statistics, psychology majors can work in many fields after graduation, and Hollins psychology graduates have gone on to careers in: rehabilitation family counseling therapy with children school psychology community relations program development research human resources advertising, TV, and other media sales Hollins Science Seminar Each year, the Hollins Science Seminar highlights the many research projects Hollins students have carried out during the academic year. Students in psychology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and environmental studies present posters that summarize their independent research initiatives, from field projects in the Caribbean to modeling interesting mathematical phenomena.

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