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Seminaries and graduate schools in Religion do not have a required curriculum that students must complete before entering. In fact, students from a wide variety of majors can and do attend seminary. What is most important is developing the ability to read texts carefully and analytically, think critically about concrete and abstract problems in relation to historical and social contexts, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Though a major in Religion or Philosophy is not essential, it is important to become familiar with the Bible and central themes in Christian thought, to gain an introductory understanding of basic concepts and historical background in Western philosophy, and to become acquainted with diverse religions and cultures. Every student begins to develop these skills and knowledge through The Maryville Curriculum, MC’s required core courses. Though students can hone these skills and further develop these forms of literacy in a number of different fields, majors in the humanities (religion, philosophy, history), English literature, or the social sciences (sociology, economics, political science) are particularly recommended.

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