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Augustana's pre-medicine program is one of the strongest undergraduate programs available. The program allows students to be highly focused in the sciences by choosing our major in Pre-Medicine. Alternatively, a student can follow their passion for subjects outside the sciences. We encourage students with strong interests in any academic arena to pursue nearly any major on campus. Dr. Lori Scott, our Pre-Medicine Adviser, will assist students with their academic planning so that one is prepared for the MCAT and will satisfy medical school requirements. This outstanding program is centered upon challenging courses in chemistry, biology, and physics, which gives our graduates a competitive advantage in the transition to medical school. The clinical work opportunities at Augustana are exceptional. Solid experience both in practical application and observation is very sought after in medical school applicants and gives students an advantage in the interview process. Augustana students gain clinical experience at local hospitals, private practice clinics, rehabilitation centers, and/or geriatric care facilities. Internships offer a way to receive college credit while gaining this clinical experience. Augustana is among the nation's most respected centers of undergraduate instruction in science and the pre-health professions. The science building offers students the latest in high-tech labs and research facilities, including the human cadaver dissection lab. Cadaver dissection offers pre-professional students an additional edge in preparation for medical school, as Augustana is one of the few undergraduate schools in the country to offer this hands-on opportunity to its students. This experience is especially impressive to medical school application evaluators. The pre-med curriculum at Augustana provides stimulating coursework that helps students increase their problem-solving skills and excel on the MCAT. After the junior year, students complete the medical school's admission process with the help of their faculty advisor. Augustana is proud if its placement rates into medical school, which have averaged approximately 70 percent, compared to 47 percent nationwide. Due to the outstanding curriculum, extensive clinical and research opportunities available, and dynamic faculty, Augustana students achieve great success in medical schools across the country.

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