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Begin to think like a lawyer. Law schools seek students with strong liberal arts backgrounds. Creativity and law? It's not the stretch it might appear to be. Creativity and innovation in law are essential. To create, compare, and assemble ideas, and then to express them as a coherent, persuasive argument are fundamental skills for pre-law students, for law students, and for lawyers. Hollins also offers a low teacher-student ratio (read Katherine Echternacht's testimonial to find out why that's important to the pre-law student), plenty of opportunity to articulate ideas in the classroom and on paper, and access to outstanding internships. How to be prepared for law school Although pre-law is not a major at Hollins, and students who want to go on to law school can major in anything they like, we recommend taking an array of courses that will help you build a solid foundation for law school. There is no set pattern of courses for a pre-law student, but students will find courses that emphasize reading, comprehension, analysis, and writing useful. Courses that may prove particularly useful include ECON 158, ECON 241, ECON 261, and ECON 321; GWS 141 and GWS 203; PHIL 120 and PHIL 211; POLS 101, POLS 118, POLS 214, POLS 216, POLS 268, POLS 310, POLS 345 and POLS 363; SOC 215, SOC 242, and SOC 260. History, mathematics, English, and science courses, particularly physics and chemistry, are also suggested. Your pre-law advisor can help you find courses that will best prepare you to get into, and thrive, in law school. See also How to Get Into Law School on Hollins' economics Web page. Internships: An invaluable extension of the classroom Sarah Hatch '96 and Katherine Echternacht Fleming '97, whose testimonials appear on the graduates page, found their many and varied internship experiences to be invaluable. Your academic advisor and the Career Center are great sources of information when it comes time to plan your internships. Students interested in law have interned for judges, prosecutors, private defense attorneys, the public defender's offices... the list goes on and on. Roanoke, a metropolitan area of 236,000, offers many pre-law internship opportunities. And Washington, D.C., just four hours away, is an even richer source of possibilities. Your real-world interaction doesn't have to be limited to just the January term. Newnie Rogers, now a partner with Mays & Valentine in Richmond, took time while at Hollins to become familiar with the courtroom by sitting in on traffic and district courts and watching lawyers interacting with the judge, each other, and the commonwealth attorney.

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