Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Patrick Henry Community College - Martinsville, VA

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AWARD: After satisfactorily completing courses with a "C" average (2.0), the student should contact the registrar's office and apply for graduation after verification that all program requirements have been met. Students interested in a certificate, diploma or associate degree should talk to a counselor to investigate the possibilities of using these courses in other curricula. LENGTH: Variable for upgrading, retraining and continuing career students. The options within this program normally amount to the minimum equivalent of one semester of full-time community college work and not more than the equivalent of a year (9-29) credits. PURPOSE: This program is designed to prepare personnel to perform skilled duties and to assist the pharmacist-in-charge. Some examples of job duties include: computer information entry, preparation of prescription labels, assisting the pharmacists in filling prescriptions, ordering pharmaceuticals and supplies, and customer assistance. Prior to registering for HLT 190, students are required to undergo mandatory drug screening. Students must have a negative drug screen and criminal background check in order to begin pharmacy tech clinical experiences. Any charges or costs for drug screening and criminal background check will be the responsibility of the students. Estimated cost of drug screening and criminal background check is $36.

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