Pharmacy / Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy / Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Maryville College - Maryville, TN

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The program of study leading to a the Bachelor of Arts in Biopharmaceutical Sciences from Maryville College and the Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) College of Pharmacy consists of three academic years at Maryville followed by four academic years at UT College of Pharmacy. This is an alternate track for receiving a B.A. from Maryville College in which requirements for the senior year of study are completed at the UT-College of Pharmacy as part of the first year of Pharmacy school. All general education required of the Biopharmaceutical Sciences major and major-related courses totaling 102 credit hours must be completed by the end of the junior year at Maryville College. During the junior year, the student makes application to UT College of Pharmacy; admission is determined by the UT College of Pharmacy. Students in the program select a senior study topic in consultation with faculty members at both Maryville College and the UT College of Pharmacy, completing the second semester of the senior study at the College of Pharmacy. Students admitted to the pharmacy program can be awarded the BA in Biopharmaceutical Sciences upon completing at least 28 hours at the UT College of Pharmacy, including PHCY 115 (Introduction to Pharmacy Practice) and PHAC 840 (Special Topics Elective).

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