Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Augustana College - Rock Island, IL

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Contact: LORI SCOTT, Professor (Biology) B.S., Manchester; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois State Students interested in occupational therapy (OT) as a career have two options available to them at Augustana. The Þrst option is a coordinated degree program in occupational therapy with Washington University in St. Louis. In this program, the student spends three years at Augustana followed by either two years (Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree) or three years (Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy) at Washington University. The student may choose any major offered by Augustana. However, prior to attending Washington University, the student must complete all general education and major courses required for the Augustana Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as prerequisite courses for the Washington University occupational therapy program. The prerequisite courses for Washington's program include human physiology (prerequisites: two terms of general chemistry, and cell biology), developmental psychology, abnormal psychology and statistics (prerequisite: general psychology), a second area in the social sciences and competency in medical terminology and word processing. Once enrolled at Washington University, the student transfers as many as 30 appropriate 300-level credits to Augustana to complete remaining requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Each year, Washington University guarantees three Augustana students admission to its OT program provided they meet speciÞc entrance requirements. Students who do not meet the requirements for guaranteed admission remain eligible for consideration for admission with the general applicant pool. NOTE: It is very important that students interested in the coordinated degree program contact the pre-OT advisor during their Þrst year of study at Augustana. The second option requires completion of the Bachelor of Arts prior to matriculation into an occupational therapy graduate program. While fulÞlling Augustana's degree requirements, students also complete a speciÞed pre-occupational therapy curriculum consisting of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, sociology, classics, economics and physical education. Clinical occupational therapy experience is often a requirement for admission to a graduate program. Opportunities to gain such experience may be arranged through the Career Center with local hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

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