MS-SLP/PhD in Speech-Language Pathology

MS-SLP/PhD in Speech-Language Pathology

Boston University - Boston, MA

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The SLHS department offers students with exceptional academic promise and strong motivation for a career in research, the opportunity as a master’s degree student to begin work on some research required by the doctoral degree program. The student and his/her research mentor in collaboration with the clinical faculty advisor will design a plan of study that provides a synergistic approach to both sets of degree requirements. As the primary goal of the doctoral program is research training and the major research goal of the MS portion of the combined program is to complete a thesis, many of the requirements below parallel those for MS-SLP students who choose the thesis track. As the student moves through the thesis process, he/she learns more about research and a potential timetable for doctoral work. Please be advised that due to the availability of mentors, funding, and changes in academic goals, not all students who are initially interested in the combined program will end up completing both degrees at Boston University.

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