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MS in Science Education

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The Credential track of the Master of Science in Science Education offers a two-year, blended program that leads to a California Teaching Credential and the MS degree. This program is intended for individuals who already hold a Bachelors Degree in a science field and who have decided to enter the teaching profession. One of the hallmarks of the program is a focus on meeting the State of California Science breadth requirements for teachers. Due to this, it includes as either prerequisites or additional coursework, lower division courses amounting to one year in each of the four sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics) or passage of the CSET General Science exams (118 & 119) demonstrating this breadth of knowledge. Program Benefits Robert Noyce Teacher Fellowships Admission & prerequisites Application instructions Graduation requirements For more information Graduate Student Guide Links Program Benefits 2-year, 90 unit Master's Degree including single subject Teaching Credential in Science. Year 1 includes Science & Science Ed coursework & Credential prerequisites Year 2 includes credential coursework & teaching experience Extended subject matter preparation in science breadth and depth. Enhanced science pedagogy preparation.. Connection with Kern County Superintendent of Schools for Professional Development and Job Placement. Potentially Eligible for the Robert Noyce Teacher Fellowship Program. Robert Noyce Teacher Fellowships Up to $60,000 in support $20,000 in funds to support students enrolled in the MS in Science Education, Credential track. ? $10,000 per year in salary supplements for graduates teaching in High needs school districts in California. Salary supplements available for up to 4 years. o Connect to a regional and Nationwide network of Noyce Fellows and Scholars. In order to qualify Must meet all entry requirements for the MS in Science Education Minimum Undergraduate GPA 3.0 To apply, simply indicate in your application for the MS in Science Education: Credential track that you'd like to be considered for the Robert Noyce teacher fellowship. 10 fellowships will be offered. Program Admission and Prerequisites ÐCredential Track Candidates must meet the following criteria to be admitted as a conditionally classified Graduate Student: BS or BA in a science field with GPA = 3.0 Submit GRE exam results Science Breadth Preparation: At least one year of introductory major's level coursework in 2 of the 4 science areas (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics). AND A commitment to complete the equivalent of one year of introductory major's level coursework in any remaining science areas. Note that these units will not count toward the Master's degree. OR Passage of both CSET General Science exams (exams 118 and 119). For Stage III Credential coursework candidates must reach classified status by submitting the evidence of the following to the Department of Teacher Education: Current TB test, Valid Fingerprint Clearance & Current Liability Insurance, Passage of CBEST Exam & Subject Matter Certification. To apply to the MS in Science Education: Credential Track Applications online: Indicate MS Science Education: Credential Track as degree objective For help see the Graduate student guide (section 4, page 6)or the CSUB Graduate Student Center Include in your application: Transcripts Test scores: Graduate Record Exam (GRE), CBEST & CSET (if applicable) RŽsumŽ containing personal, professional and academic information. Personal statement asking for consideration as a Noyce Fellow and describing your interest in and commitment to teaching science. Two letters of recommendation. Graduation requirements for the MS in Science Education: Credential track Science Breadth: Passage of BOTH CSET General Science Exams (118 & 119): required for subject matter certification Science Depth: 20 Units of upper division and/or graduate level coursework within the candidate's primary field AND Passage of one of the CSET Science discipline-level exams (120-123). Intern single subject Credential Coursework (51 units), including one year intern teaching. Please see & click on Single Subject Credential Program Coursework for details Science Education: 19 units of graduate-level Science Education coursework beyond those required for the credential. See the Graduate Guide for more details

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