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The Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) program at Beulah Heights is a program geared toward assisting and guiding individuals in ministry toward addressing the challenges and quandaries that affect actualizing their callings within the present day culture and society. It was developed to help busy ministers and Pastors develop practical and relevant strategies for addressing the complexities and difficulties of ministry in the 21st century and enhance their abilities, gifts and talents. MISSION The goal therefore for Beulah HeightÕs D. Min. program is to help Pastors, Ministers, and Parachurch workers become change agents in their diverse settings by helping them to maximize their potential and increase their viability to their respective ministry context by equipping them with tools and techniques for elevating and enhancing their practice of ministry. The program therefore examines the areas of values and decision-making, information gathering and formation, and skill acquisition and assessment. The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program at Beulah Heights University Learning Goals: Students will engage in the process of self- reflection and self-assessment, both personally and professionally, within a ministry context in order to analyze and enhance their ministry effectiveness. This D.Min. program offers individuals the opportunity to cultivate advanced competency in preaching, worship leadership, and administration. Students will develop a Òneeds assessmentÓ and Òstrategic approachÓ for identifying and addressing a specific challenge and issue within their identified ministry and communal context. Students will develop an approach and resolve for addressing the issue and challenge using recognizable research methodology and techniques specific to their ministry and community context. Students will learn techniques for addressing group interaction and power dynamics within an identified ministry context by engaging peer members, supervisors, and identified personnel at the ministry context. Students, using an action reflection-model, peer collaboration, supervision, and academic research sources will design and develop a strategic ministry model within a dissertation project that addresses the identified issue and challenge within their ministry and communal context. REFLECTION AND ASSESSMENT This program will assist any individual engaged in ministry to reexamine their sense of calling and allow them an opportunity to explore new ways of actualizing their calling and new avenues for fulfilling their vision. It is also meant to help Ministers, Pastors, and Parachurch workers ÒRevive their Spirit,Ó ÒRefresh their Minds,Ó and ÒReinvigorate their PassionÓ by addressing new situations and circumstances that are emerging globally, communally, personally, and within society. These demands can drain an individual and ministry and therefore require a disciplined, structured, and safe environment in which to wrestle through these complex and ambiguous challenges. Allow the Doctor of Ministry Program at Beulah Heights help you manifest GodÕs plans for your future in ministry. Learn more about what makes our program right for you.

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