Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Augustana College - Rock Island, IL

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Coordinator: THOMAS F. MAYER, Professor (History) B.A., M.A., Michigan State; Ph.D., Minnesota MINOR IN MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE STUDIES. 21 credits, including ARHI 166 and HIST 110 or 111, one Literature course from the list below, the Senior Project (450), plus 6 credits from courses listed below. No more than 6 credits may be taken from one suf├×x. At least 6 credits must be above 300. Specially designed sequence courses and courses approved by the Medieval and Renaissance Studies coordinator will also apply. First-year Latin is highly recommended.

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Courses (MDHI)

MDHI-450 Senior Project (3 Credits)
450 Senior Project (3) Independent research and seminar supervised by faculty who offer courses in the Medieval and Renaissance minor. Students will work with two faculty members, and a final, interdisciplinary paper will be presented to the Medieval and Renaissance faculty and students. Regular meetings will inform seminar participants of each other146s work.

Additional Courses:
Art History 166 (PP, G) Western Art: Medieval-Renaissance
Art History 362 (PP, G) Medieval Art
Art History 363 (PP, G) Italian Renaissance
Art History 364 (PP, G) Northern Renaissance Art
English 271 (PL) English Literature to 1660
English 350 Medieval Genre and Society
English 351 The English Literary Renaissance
English 352 (PH) Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
English 353 (PH) Shakespeare: Tragedies and Later Plays
English 441-442 Senior Inquiry*
French 340 Medieval French Literature
French 341 The French Renaissance
German 401 (PL) Literature and Culture: The Middle Ages and the Rennaissance
History 110 (PP) Europe: 200-1300
History 111 (PP) Europe: 1300-1700
History 310 The Crucible of Europe, 1000-1300
History 311 Renaissance and Reformation in Italy
History 312 Renaissance and Reformation in Northern Europe
Music 312 (PP) Music Styles and Literature I
Religion 335 (PP) Luther: Life, Thought and Legacy
Spanish 330 (PL) Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature I
World Literature (PL possible)

* Various Topics