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Medical Assisting

Community College of Vermont - Montpelier, VT

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical duties in a healthcare practice and report directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner. The medical assistant is a vital liaison between the doctor and patient, playing an important role in diagnosis and treatment. Upon completion of the Medical Assisting program, you will be eligible to complete the American Medical Technologists Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) examination and will be prepared for immediate employment in the field of healthcare in hospitals, community health centers, outpatient facilities, and ambulatory healthcare services. Graduates of the Medical Assisting program will be able to: demonstrate an understanding of basic anatomy, physiology, and disease processes of the human body as it relates to patient medical history; prepare examination room and patient for physical examination using proper procedures for taking vital signs and preventing infection by using aseptic techniques; employ a basic knowledge of law and ethics as they pertain to the medical office; perform basic medical office functions including patient scheduling, insurance and reimbursement procedures, basic coding, accounting, and bookkeeping; complete the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) examination with a passing score; demonstrate academic skills required of all CCV graduates, including competency in writing, information literacy, oral communication, quantitative reasoning. Key information and advice for students in the Medical Assisting program: The Medical Assisting curriculum helps students develop key skills for performing both clinical and administrative tasks in healthcare settings. The two required Medical Assisting internships give students hands-on workplace experience and an opportunity to make connections with local healthcare facilities and employers. Students must complete a criminal background check in order to enroll in the Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting courses. Students who have a misdemeanor charge involving theft, abuse, or drugs or any felony conviction may be prevented from participating in some of the required courses for the Medical Assisting program. A felony conviction may prevent employment in a medical assisting job. Some healthcare providers will accept a misdemeanor conviction not involving theft, abuse, or drugs. Students should check with the agency with which they want to work for its policy on prior convictions. Required courses for the Medical Assisting degree are offered at select CCV academic centers throughout the state and in online and hybrid formats. Students may choose to complete a majority of their courses online.

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General Education Requirements for A.A.S. All associate degrees include completion of general education requirements which, together with program requirements, constitute a minimum of 60 credits. In some cases program requirements also fulfill general education requirements. You may not use a single course to meet two general education requirements. Core Competencies Complete at least one course in each of the following: First semester seminar Technological Literacy Communication English Composition Mathematics Research & Writing Intensive Areas of Inquiry Complete at least one course in the following: Scientific Method Integrative Approaches Complete both of the following: Seminar in Educational Inquiry Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Meets graduation standard in quantitative reasoning Program Requirements Courses are listed in the order in which we recommend you take them. BIO 1140 - Human Biology * AHS 1205 - Medical Terminology AHS 1410 - Introduction to Phlebotomy CIS 1041 - Computer Applications * AHS 2121 - Medical Billing & Coding I COM 1030 - Intercultural Communication * AHS 2200 - Administrative Medical Assisting AHS 1810 - Administrative Medical Assisting Internship AHS 2470 - Fundamentals of Pharmacology AHS-2310 CPR/First Aid (0 credits) AHS 2070 - Clinical Medical Assisting AHS 2820 - Clinical Medical Assisting Internship HUM 2020 - Bioethics PSY 1060 - Introduction to Health Psychology or AHS 2120 - Wellness for Life Electives: 6 credits Note(s) * You may use a course to meet both a program requirement and a general education requirement; however, you may not use a single course to meet two general education requirements. The Medical Assisting program prepares you for careers such as: Medical Assistant in Physicians’ Offices Medical Assistant in Ambulatory Care Centers Medical Assistant in Community Health Centers Medical Assistant in Long Term Care Facilities Medical Assistant in Hospitals