Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Northwest State Community College - Archbold, OH

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h e machinery of modern industry consists of mechanical devices – levers that move, wheels that spin and cogs that must mesh. h e mechanical engineering technology degree is designed to train students in technology based, entry-level occupations related to the mechanical and manufacturing engineering i elds. Graduates will be able to assist engineers and other professional staf engaged in plant and facilities maintenance and other plant engineering and management functions. h e mechanical engineering technology degree provides students the opportunity to study engineering topics associated with the design and installation of mechanical equipment and systems with the option of transferring to another institution to pursue a four-year bachelor degree in mechanical engineering technology. h e student who follows this course of study will be trained to function as a mechanical technician in a number of industrial situations which require knowledge of mechanical systems, engineering materials and equipment. h e student may i nd himself/herself working closely with engineers engaged in designing, testing, servicing

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