Master of Arts in Develop Management and Policy

Master of Arts in Develop Management and Policy

Georgetown University - Washington, DC


The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Georgetown University (GU), in association with the School of Politics and Government of the Universidad Nacional de General San Martín (UNSAM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina offer a Graduate Program consisting of 18-24 months of coursework with additional time to complete a formal thesis leading to the joint degree of Master of Arts in Development Management and Policy (DEVM)/Maestría en Políticas Públicas y Gerenciamiento del Desarrollo (MPPyGD). Candidates for the M.A. in Development Management and Policy will have diverse educational and professional backgrounds. They may enter the program directly from colleges or universities, or from positions in the public sector, the business community, or non-governmental organizations. This program is offered in its entirety at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Buenos Aires. Course instruction, however, will be contingent on the faculty: GU faculty will, predominantly, teach in English; UNSAM faculty, in Spanish. For more information about UNSAM please look at:

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