MA in Anatomy & Neurobiology—Vesalius Program

MA in Anatomy & Neurobiology—Vesalius Program

Boston University - Boston, MA

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The first year is devoted to establishing an advanced understanding of the biomedical sciences and neurosciences. Students take Medical Gross Anatomy, Medical Neurosciences and/or Medical Histology alongside first-year medical and graduate students. In the second semester of the first year, students take Teaching in the Biomedical Sciences and Educational Neuroscience, special graduate courses designed to expose the student to the theory and practice of education and the neurobiology of education. In the second year, students will put theory into practice. The environment of the medical school classroom that the students experienced firsthand in their initial year will serve as the platform on which they will apply the techniques and principles to become effective educators. They will work closely with faculty to refine their teaching techniques in small groups and large lectures. The second year will also be spent conducting a research project. This work, mentored by a faculty member, will teach the student how to perform primary biomedical research and culminates in an independent research thesis.

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