Liberal Arts - Peace and World Order

Liberal Arts - Peace and World Order

Berkshire Community College - Pittsfield, MA

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The Peace and World Order Studies concentration seeks to provide students with a broad understanding of many global problems, suggested paths to solutions, and approaches to careers and further study in related areas. As a new and rapidly expanding area of concentration, Peace and World Order Studies cuts across many traditional academic lines. It is a discipline which is defined as much by the problems it addresses as by the method it applies. Students who complete this concentration are eligible for application for transfer to a large variety of Peace and World Order Studies programs at colleges and universities throughout the United States and other countries. Some of these programs are very broad in their approach. Others are more specific, specializing, for example, in conflict resolution or world order issues. Still other schools require a double major, so that their graduates are prepared to pursue a traditional career with the benefit of many peacemaking skills. This is a MassTransfer eligible program. Program Advisor: Lois, 413-236-4562

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Graduation Requirements

Program Credits

ENG 204 Literature of Peace and War 3
PHL 105 World Security and Sustainability 3
PHL 111 Alternatives to Violence 3
PHL 270 Independent Study in Peace and World Order 3
Free Electives 14


General Education Credits

COM Communication 3
ENG English Composition/Writing 6
MAT Mathematics 3
HIS 113 Western Civilization I 3
HIS 114 Western Civilization II 3
ENG Literature 3
Natural or Physical Science (1) 8
Behavioral and Social Science 6
Environmental Studies (1) 1


Total Credits 62

Additional Requirements

Core Competencies Portfolio 6 Items
Forum 12 Units
Health/Fitness 30 Hours
Minimum Cumulative Averages
(overall and area of specialization) 2.0

(1) The Natural or Physical Science requirement must be fulfilled by two 4-credit laboratory sciences. Completion of an environmentally focused laboratory science, such as BIO 109 , BIO 110 , ENV 102 , fulfills both the Natural or Physical Science and Environmental Studies requirements.