Liberal Arts And Sciences

Liberal Arts And Sciences

Howard Payne University - Brownwood, TX

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Major ­ The liberal arts and sciences major seeks to build upon the knowledge and skills base of the general education core by allowing students to pursue a broader spectrum of coursework in the humanities tradition. The liberal arts and sciences major is particularly relevant for those students seeking a broad-based degree which stresses critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, and reflective thought of the human experience. Requirements ­ The liberal arts and sciences major is a 36-hour major comprised of three academic discipline areas. Two of the three areas must be in academic disciplines offered within the School of Music and Fine Arts, the School of Science and Mathematics, and/or the School of Humanities. The third area may be in any academic discipline from any school (except teacher certification in the School of Education). The 12 hours in each academic discipline must be in addition to the courses required for the general education core and six hours in each area must be upper-level (3000/4000). Since the liberal arts and sciences major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree, students are required to take 12 semester hours of a modern foreign language or 12 semester hours of biblical languages. Additionally, liberal arts and sciences majors are required to develop a related minor consisting of philosophy, practical theology and another academic discipline of choice (except teacher certification). The structure of this major, coupled with the minor related area, gives the student four areas of concentration and a foreign language

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