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Bryn Mawr's Department of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies produces The Bryn Mawr Commentaries, a series of annotated texts that are used in many classical-language courses around the country, and the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, the second-oldest online scholarly journal in the humanities. The Classics Department runs a weekly Colloquium. Scholars from other institutions are invited to present papers on a wide range of topics; in addition to these distinguished visitors, Bryn Mawr faculty and senior graduate students also speak. Sometimes the format varies: one year there was a hugely successful competition, on the model of ÔSurvivorÕ, to identify slides from the CollegeÕs collection (or at least to tell silly stories about them!), while in last year's Carpenter Challenge, student teams competed to show just how much trivia they knew about such movies as Disney's Hercules, Troy, and Gladiator. The Colloquium is always preceded by a Tea, to which all are welcome: it provides a regular meeting-place for everyone associated with the Department. The Department attracts people with all sorts of interests, who go on to follow a wide variety of paths in life. Some go on to graduate school to study the classics or related fields. Some go to professional school for law, medicine, business or library services. Others become farmers, city planners, or headhunters; even a cabaret singer counts herself among the alumnae of Bryn Mawr's Classics Department.

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