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In the context of globalization and internationalization of the world, the usefulness of studying languages is no longer contested. Language is not only a skill to use for exchanging thoughts, but a crucial component of self-expressions and --as such-- it is at the core of trans-lingual and trans-cultural competence. While we use language to communicate our needs to others, language simultaneously reveals us to others and to ourselves. Language is a complex multifunctional phenomenon that links an individual to other individuals, to communities, and to other cultures. For the past decades, Italian has been an expanding field. There has been a significant growth in the number of Italian Studies programs in colleges and universities. According to the most recent MLA statistics, the number of students of Italian has increased steadily in the United States (more than 22%) and now extra-literary subjects -- ranging from Film Studies to semiotics, from pop culture to Food Studies -- augment the traditional literary study of authors, from Dante to post-modern writers such as Calvino. The study of Italian is enjoyable both because of the richness of its literary and artistic culture and because the language is one in which rapid progress is made in the early stages.

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