Introduction to SQL

Introduction to SQL

Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development - Cincinnati, OH

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Learn the key concepts of Structured Query Language (SQL) and gain a solid working knowledge of this powerful and universal database programming language. You'll learn the basic structure of relational databases, how to read and write simple and complex SQL statements, and advanced data manipulation techniques. Requirements Internet access, e-mail, the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser, and the Adobe Flash and PDF plug-ins (two free and simple downloads you obtain at by clicking Get Adobe Flash Player and Get Adobe Reader). any type of computer with a Windows Operating System, and any desktop (standalone, not required to run over a server) Database Management System (DBMS) that supports the execution of Structured Query Language (SQL). Examples include Microsoft Access, SQL Server Personal Edition, SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), SQL Server Evaluation Edition and Developer Edition, Oracle Personal Edition. Or any client/server (required to run over a server) database management system that is connected to a server and supports the execution of Structured Query Language. Examples include MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition.

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