Integrated Social Studies Education

Integrated Social Studies Education

Ashland University - Ashland, OH

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Do you have what it takes to bring social studies to life for teenagers? If so, our integrated social studies education program is right for you. In this program, you will obtain a deep understanding of history and will acquire the skills you need to teach it in a classroom. It takes a special teacher to bring Social Studies alive for teenagers, the kind youÕll be when you graduate with a major from Ashland UniversityÕs Integrated Social Studies Education program. This major combines instruction from both the History Department and the Education Department, and places you in the classroom for observation as early as your freshman year. Each year your time in the classroom grows, culminating in your 12-week student teaching experience. Our education program is nationally recognized as one of OhioÕs best for teacher preparation and our graduates can be found serving in nearly every school district in the state. When you graduate, you will be ready to guide students on the adventure of a lifetime, one that takes them into the rich tapestry that is our culture and past. What YouÕll Love About the Integrated Social Studies Education Major: YouÕll receive individual attention from your history and education professors who get to know you well in our small classroom environment that promotes interaction. Your History classes are taught in a conversational, seminar style, not by lecture, so everyone gets involved. Instead of studying History from a textbook, youÕll learn from original texts including the speeches of remarkable individuals such as Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Every class is taught by a professor, not by a graduate student or teaching assistant. YouÕll have the opportunity to attend presentations by some of the foremost political minds of our day, brought to campus by the Ashbrook Center, an independent civic resource located on campus. YouÕll have an opportunity to join your classmates on an overseas trip exploring history, which takes place every other year. Recent excursions have included a visit to important European sites from World War II and a journey to the ÒEngland of Shakespeare and Churchill.Ó Both your professors from the History Department and the Education Department coach and evaluate your classroom internship to provide you with the most useful feedback and guidance.

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