Integral Studies: Chinese Medicine Fundamentals

Integral Studies: Chinese Medicine Fundamentals

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin - Austin, TX

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Oriental medicine emerged from the theories and practices of traditional Chinese medicine.The foundations and diagnostic skills of traditional Chinese medicine are the fundamental cornerstone of Chinese medical science.This theoretical system forms the basis for clinical practice.

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AT0101 Foundations of Chinese Medicine 1
36/0/0/3 Prereq: None
An introductory level course providing in-depth study of the philosophy and theories fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including the essential principles of yin and yang, Dao, five elements, and zangfu organ systems. Chinese medical history as it relates to the various traditions in acupuncture and Oriental medicine will be covered, as well as historical and professional trends in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

AT0102 Foundations of Chinese Medicine 2
36/0/0/3 Prereq: AT0101
This course builds upon AT0101 with an emphasis on the production and function of body substances (energy, blood, body fluid, essence, spirit) and the related internal organ systems, as well as etiology and pathology, sources of pathogens, and mechanisms of illness, with an introduction to the channel system.

AT0103 Diagnostic Skills of Chinese Medicine 1
24/12/0/3 Prereq: AT0102
This is the first of two courses providing in-depth study and practical application of the four diagnoses with an emphasis on tongue and pulse evaluation, diagnosis, and basic pattern differentiation.

AT0200 Diagnostic Skills of Chinese Medicine 2
24/12/0/3 Prereq: AT0103
Second course emphasizing full differential diagnosis of syndromes, including zangfu, eight principles, six stages, four levels, san jiao, and microsystems, with focus on case studies.