Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

Howard Payne University - Brownwood, TX

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Howard Payne University began offering teacher preparation in 1903. With HPU's excellent teacher education program as a foundation, the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership is designed to provide preparation for those who desire to become a certified principal in the State of Texas. The curriculum is aligned with the State standards for principals and provides students with an appropriate balance of theory with practical application. The program could be completed in as little as twenty-two months. Specific components of the program include: 36-hour non-thesis degree 100% on-line delivery; 8-week terms Traditional residency not required 6 hours of supervised internship in lieu of thesis Action research component concurrent with internship Howard Payne University is a Christian college; the University mission statement includes, "...Howard Payne University remains dedicated to honoring Christ and serving His church by providing an education experience that integrates faith, learning, and living." As such, the entire Instructional Leadership curriculum is delivered and presented from a Biblical world-view. Therefore, a hallmark of the program is that students will be challenged to examine and filter all instructional leadership theories through a Biblical world-view lens. Another hallmark of the program is the attention given to the study of Professional Learning Communities (PLC). Research has shown that excellent instructional leaders are those who have learned to garner the resources of all professionals in his or her building, and beyond. Professional Learning Communities have proven to be one of the best approaches for principals to recognize, solicit, and utilize the expertise of every teacher, counselor, etcetera, to increase student achievement. Graduates of HPU's Instructional Leadership program will learn how to implement PLC tenants in his or her future role as a certified principal. An examination of neurogenesis and brain based learning theory and practice is the final hallmark of the HPU Instructional Leadership program. Students in the program will learn the remarkable results of applying brain based learning theories. Specifically, the results include significant increased student academic success, decreased aggressive student behaviour including altercations, decreased need for prescribed drugs for ADD/ADHD students, decreased child obesity, decreased student depression, and decreased excessive student anxiety. In summary, the HPU Instructional Leadership program curriculum is completely aligned with the State of Texas standards for principal certification. Students in the program will also have the value added aspect of examining all program theories and practices from a Biblical world-view perspective. They will additionally be thoroughly knowledgeable about applying the tenets of Professional Learning Communities. Finally, HPU program graduates will understand the powerful and multifacted impact

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