Industrial Psychology

Industrial Psychology

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

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ndustrial/Organizational Psychology Program - Ph.D. As a Ph.D. student in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology at IIT, you will be part of the oldest, most successful, and most respected program in the Chicago area. The program is ideal if you plan a career in university teaching, industry, government, or consulting. Based on a scientist/practitioner model, you will gain training in research methods as well as experience in work settings. The city of Chicago, a vital, lively center of commerce and culture, will provide you with outstanding opportunities for internships, part-time work experiences, and field research. Research training is an important aspect of your education. At IIT, you will be educated in the scientific process of psychological research, in accordance with SIOP guidelines. Such training begins in the first year working with faculty on their projects and continues up to conducting your own research. This will prepare you to present posters and papers at conferences, which provide valuable experience and professional contacts. Research activities are normally conducted with your advisor, but you may also work with other I/O and non-I/O faculty members. You also have the flexibility to change your primary research mentor if your interests change during the course of training. Internships will teach you to apply this training to the "real world." This will allow you to develop your expertise and to learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. Your six credit hours of internships will take place at sites throughout the Chicago area. These include consulting firms as well as training, human resources, and personnel departments of major organizations. Recent placements include Wonderlic, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Motorola, Inc., and Chicago Exchange. Apply Now! Curriculum/Course Information Required courses and typical program of study Typical Program of Study (PDF) Forms for Current Students Eligibility for the Program The College of Psychology accepts applications for Fall entrance only. Applications and supporting documents must be received by February 15. Minimum requirements for admission include: Bachelor's degree with 18 hours of psychology course work in experimental psychology and statistics Minimum GPA 3.0 Minimum GRE (verbal) 500 (quantitative) 500 (writing) 3.0 Letters of recommendation (3, 2 of which are from academics) Professional statement Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions All applications are evaluated on the basis of such factors as GPA, GRE, recommendations, and the professional statement. For applicants accepted in 2006, the mean GRE was 1225 and the mean GPA was 3.70. SIOP Guidelines IIT's I/O PhD program follows the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology's (SIOP) Guidelines for Education and Training. These guidelines, approved by the American Psychological Association, help to ensure that our students receive the best possible training, covering areas of competence, using the best methods to develop said competence, and curricula formats in which to teach those areas.

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