Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electrician

Northwest State Community College - Archbold, OH

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h is degree will focus on learning experiences for the student that will prepare he or she with the technical skills to work in the Industrial Electrical i eld in positions such as industrial electrician, electrical technician, industrial controls technician, or maintenance technician. Students in this program will be trained not only in traditional Electrician skills, but also how to operate and troubleshoot state-of-the-art programmable controller systems, solid state motor drives, instrument systems and industrial computer systems used by maintenance personnel in manufacturing and process plants. Students will receive hands-on training on AC/DC motors, transformers, test equipment, basic hydraulic systems, and industrial wiring practices according to the National Electrical Code. Most of the technical classes will have 50% of the learning experience in the classroom, and the other 50% in the laboratory with hands-on training. h is program focuses on basic fundamentals so that g

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