Hospitality - Hospitality Industry - Culinary Arts

Hospitality - Hospitality Industry - Culinary Arts

Berkshire Community College - Pittsfield, MA

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The Culinary Arts one-year, 28-credit certificate program prepares students for responsible positions in food production. In the college’s cooking laboratory, students learn food preparation, plate presentation, buffet and banquet techniques for small and large groups. Sanitation, nutrition, baking principles, food service and controls used in managing a professional kitchen are studied. Students also apply their skills with a supervised work experience; this normally takes place during the summer after the course work is completed. Career paths and a study of the hospitality industry is also covered. Program Advisor: Carlton Maaia, ext. 4606. Hospitality Administration Program Expected Outcomes Apply their knowledge regarding the hospitality industry to whatever entry-level career track within the food service or lodging industry; Demonstrate the unique professional requirements for a successful career in the hospitality industry; Apply their understanding of business practice with cost effectiveness and control strategies Demonstrate best practices in the operation of foodservice and hospitality organizations to meet customer expectations. Communicate effectively using written, oral and nonverbal techniques; Make decisions based on integrating knowledge of functional areas for managing foodservice and hospitality organizations. Demonstrate leadership and professional behaviors. Work in teams and recognize the meaning of mutual responsibility, so they are prepared to join the diverse workforce of the hospitality industry; Obtain food protection manager certification (e.g. ServSafe)

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Graduation Requirements

Program Credits

BUS 105 Business Mathematics 3
CUL 101 Food Preparation I 2
CUL 102 Food Preparation II 2
CUL 103 Kitchen Management 3
CUL 104 Baking I 3
CUL 105 Garde Manager and Pantry 3
HSP 108 Wine Appreciation 1
HSP 112 Applied Food Service Sanitation 2
HSP 115 Food Service Management 3
HSP 118 Dining Room Management 3
HSP 285 Cooperative Education I 3

Additional Requirements

Demonstrated college-level skills in reading and writing
Minimum Cumulative Averages
(overall and area of specialization) 2.0

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