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About the program ¥ Augustana College offers a major and minor in history, and a major in history education. Many students combine their history major with other academic programs such as African American studies, Asian studies, Latin American studies, Medieval and Renaissance studies, political science, or women's and gender studies. ¥ At Augustana, the study of history is not simply a series of learned facts, but a discipline asking students to be active interpreters of history in their own right. Grounded in the liberal arts and focused on collaborative and rigorous coursework, students become "historically minded" -- gaining the knowledge and critical thinking skills to become responsible scholars and individuals who compete well in the global marketplace. ¥ The eight full-time history faculty members all hold their Ph.Ds. The department includes leaders internationally recognized for their innovative classroom teaching and student-faculty research. As historians who publish widely and are highly active in their profession, they are well connected to help students with graduate school and career placements. ¥ Augustana students complete a Senior Inquiry capstone project during senior year, working with a faculty mentor as they demonstrate and further develop knowledge in their field. Within the history department, students complete a significant historical research project of their choosing, showcasing their analytical abilities in a way that sets them apart from their peers when applying to graduate programs. ¥ History students who intend to pursue graduate school in history can complete the honors plan within the major by taking an additional three-credit history course, demonstrating proficiency in a second language, and taking the honors Senior Inquiry capstone course. Outside the classroom ¥ Many students take part in the international and experiential learning opportunities that involve the teaching or research of their history professors, including: the college's international programs in Ghana, Senegal, Germany, China, Peru and Mexico; the academic term at Holden Village in the Pacific Northwest; and service learning and/or individual research on American Indian communities in Oklahoma. ¥ Students of history can continue developing their interests outside of class by participating in the active History Club, the Alphi Pi chapter of the national history honor society Phi Alpha Theta, and the international honor society Phi Beta Delta. Overall, the college offers more than 150 student extra- and co-curricular organizations.

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