Herbal Studies

Herbal Studies

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin - Austin, TX

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Designed by highly educated Chinese herbologists with many years of clinical experience, our herbal curriculum exceeds the California and national requirements. Classical texts provide the foundation of the material. As it is AOMAƕs philosophy that herbal education is enhanced by the use of herbs in their raw form, AOMA stocks hundreds of individual raw herbs in addition to many Chinese patents and prepared powder formulas. First year students are introduced to basic herbal knowledge and prepared (patent) herbal medicines. In the second year students study individual herbs and their functions in depth along with their physical properties during class and in the hands-on herbal lab. In the third year of study, once a thorough understanding of Chinese medical theory is established, students begin to prepare and prescribe herbal formulations made from raw herbs. Students learn to adjust and modify classical formulas to suit the condition of individual patients.

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HT0103 Chinese Herbology 1
36/0/0/3 Prereq: AT0102 Co-req: HL01
An in-depth study of the Chinese Materia Medica is composed of three courses with emphasis on properties, channels entered, actions, indications and contraindications, dosages, and major combinations of plant, animal, and mineral substances, as well as preparation and herbal safety.This first course of the series covers theories of siqi, wuwei, guijin, and paozhi, along with substances that release to the exterior, clear heat, dow

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