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Health Science: Pre-Physical Therapy

Johnson State College - Johnson, VT

Bachelor of Science (BS)

The demand for physical therapists is skyrocketing. It is a rewarding and secure career option that requires advanced course and lab work in the sciences, as well as an advanced degree — a doctorate, or master’s at a minimum. Pre-Physical Therapy is a concentration in the B.S. in Health Sciences. It is a highly rigorous program designed to prepare graduates for admission to doctorate of physical therapy (D.P.T.) programs. In addition, this intensive, science-packed program paves the way for chiropractic and physician-assistant graduate study. Courses include chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, biology, psychology and statistics, and an internship under the supervision of a physical therapist, chiropractor or physician assistant is required. While the work is demanding, JSC’s small classes, state-of-the-art lab facilities and student-centered faculty support your success. You'll take a wide range of demanding science and psychology courses and graduate prepared to apply for admittance into D.P.T. programs in physical therapy and graduate programs in chiropractic medicine, physician-assistance and other allied health fields.

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AHS-1010 Contemporary Health Issues 3 credits AHS-3120 Kinesiology 3 credits AHS-3230 Physiology of Exercise 4 credits AHS-4030 Psychology of Sports & Exercise 3 credits BIO-2011 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 credits BIO-2012 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4 credits PSY-1010 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration Required Concentration Courses (34 credits) AHS-2080 Health Sciences Seminar 1 credits AHS-4060 Cardiopulmonary Assessment, Rehabilitation & Training 4 credits AHS-4810 Internship in Allied Health Science 1-12 credits (3 credits) OR AHS-4911 Senior Research 3 credits BIO-1212 Introduction to Biology: Cells & Genetic Basis of Life 4 credits * CHE-1031 General Chemistry I 4 credits * CHE-1032 General Chemistry II 4 credits ENV-2210 Current Topics in Science 1 credits MAT-2030 Probability & Statistics 3 credits * PHY-1041 Physics I 4 credits * PHY-1042 Physics II 4 credits *Fulfills GEC-FD-NS Electives (choose 6-8 credits): Note: At least 3 credits must be either an AHS-designated course or BIO 3180. AHS-2130 Strength & Conditioning 3 credits AHS-3043 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries 4 credits AHS-3050 Introduction to Pharmacology 3 credits AHS-4025 Health Behavior: Change & Adherence 3 credits AHS-4110 Psychophysiology of Stress 3 credits BIO-3125 Biological Chemistry 4 credits BIO-3130 Cellular Biology: A Molecular Approach 4 credits BIO-3140 Microbiology 4 credits BIO-3180 Nutrition 3 credits CHE-3111 Organic Chemistry I 4 credits PSY-2070 Developmental Psychology 3 credits PSY-3065 Abnormal Behavior 3 credits Physical therapist Acute care Neuro-rehab Outpatient Pediatrics Geriatrics Sports Medicine Orthopedics Neurology Cardiopulminary Consultant Manager Teacher or instructor Hospitals Clinics Home healthcare agencies Nursing homes Sports medicine facilities Rehabilitation centers Physician offices, particularly orthopedic Schools Group or private practices Universities and colleges -Federal and state government