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General Requirements
An undergraduate major in French or Comparative Literature, based on study in school and at least four years of college French, including advanced work in literature, with evidence of ability to present reports and carry on discussion in French, is required.
Training in Latin corresponding to at least two years' study in school is advisable.
Applicants should submit scores in the aptitude test of the Graduate Record Examination taken within two years of the date on which they wish to begin graduate studies at Bryn Mawr.
Candidates are required to support their application by two essays written in French for an advanced undergraduate course or graduate seminar previously taken.
They are strongly urged to arrange for a personal interview with the Director of Graduate Studies.
Language Requirements
For the MA degree, one Romance language other than French, or German, or evidence of extensive training in medieval or advanced Latin. Language skills will be tested by reading examinations administered by the department. Entering students may also offer scores of the GSFLT taken within twelve months of the date on which they begin graduate work at Bryn Mawr.
Major and Allied Subjects
Students specialize in French and Francophone literature from the Middle Ages to the present. In special cases and with the consent of the department, one of the following may be accepted as an allied subject:

another literature, ancient or modern;
comparative philology;
European and colonial history;
history of art
Program and Examination for the MA
Candidates will offer six units of graduate work in French.
An MA thesis on a topic usually related to the work in one of the seminars is required.
The final examination consists of a four-hour written field examination (covering the wider intelluctual domain of the thesis) and a 60-90 minute oral examination, both in French.
Students are expected, except under exceptional circumstances, to avail themselves of the opportunities offered for summer study in the graduate courses at the Bryn Mawr Institut d'ƒtudes Franaises d'Avignon. They thereby fulfill two of the six units required for the Master's degree by studying at the Institut in the summer preceding or in the summer following their graduate coursework at Bryn Mawr.

Seminars and Graduate Courses
Two graduate seminars in selected fields of French literature are given each year, so arranged that the same one will not be given in successive years. Students select their four remaining units from the Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate courses offered each year.

Fall 2011 courses
H 312 Advanced Topics: Pascal entre les disciplines
Prof. David Sedley
T 1:30-4:00, Gest 102
B 325 Etudes avancŽes de civilisation: Rousseau polŽmiste
Prof. Rudy Le MenthŽour
F 2:00-4:00, Carpenter Library 13
B 326 Etudes avancŽes: Regards croisŽs: La France et ses Orients
Prof. Pim Higginson
W 2:00-4:00, TBA
B 688 Int roman africain francophone
Prof. Pim Higginson
T 4:00-6:00, Taylor Sem
Spring 2012 courses
B 306 Libertinage et subversion
Prof. Rudy Le MenthŽour
W 12:00-2:00
H 312 Advanced Topics: La revolution haitienne: Historiographie et
Prof. Koffi Anyinefa
W 1:30-4:00
B 326 Etudes avancŽes: Film Noir: Foggy and Breathless
Prof. Pim Higginson
W 2:00-4:00
B 350 Voix mŽdiŽvales et Žchos moderne
Prof. Grace Armstrong
M 2:00-4:00
B 614 ModalitŽ de la narration
Prof. Grace Armstrong
Th 4:00-6:00
Fall 2010 courses

French 306 Libertinage et subversion
W 12:00-2:00
French 325 ƒtudes avancŽes: Crimes et criminalitŽ
T 7:00-9:00
French 654 Nostalgie,la maladie du retour
T 4:00-6:00
Spring 2011 courses

French 325 ƒtudes avancŽes: Lumires et MŽdecine
Th 2:00-4:00
French 326 ƒtudes avancŽes-Baudelaire
W 2:00-4:00
French 689 Writing Music and Differences
Th 4:00-6:00 pm
The seminars and advanced courses offered in the recent past were:

In 2008-09:
Voix mŽdiŽvales et Žchos modernes
La Revolution Haitienne: Histoire et Imaginaire
Le printemps de la parole fŽminine: femmes Žcrivains des dŽbuts
Etudes avancŽes: L'Art du ridicule de Rabelais a Voltaire
Recent alumnae/i of the Master's program are currently doctoral students at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Princeton, Yale or have completed their Ph.D. at one the above or the University of Chicago. Among them, three have won Mellon Fellowships in the Humanities, two have received Jacob Javits Fellowships, one has received a Chateaubriand Fellowship, two are tenured professors, and four occupy tenure-track positions.