Fine & Performing Arts - Theatre Arts

Fine & Performing Arts - Theatre Arts

Berkshire Community College - Pittsfield, MA

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Theatre Arts Concentration The Theatre Arts concentration involves students in the study of acting, directing, design, management, and stagecraft in the beautiful and modern Boland Theatre in the Koussevitzky Arts Center. Theatre at BCC is “doing.” In addition to a comprehensive academic program, students are involved in every aspect of theatrical production from lighting and costuming to acting and design, and they receive college credit for their work. Three main-stage, full-scale productions are mounted each year, augmented by student-directed plays, giving freshmen and sophomores unparalleled opportunities. Experience is the key: what students learn in the classroom is immediately applied on stage. Program graduates usually transfer to baccalaureate institutions where the experience, training, and academic discipline received at BCC are an excellent foundation for future work and study in the theatre. Related majors at the baccalaureate level: communications, dance, mass communications, musical theatre, theatre-acting/technical, TV/film program production. This is a Joint Admissions eligible program. Program Advisor: Ellen Shanahan, 413. 236-4703

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Graduation Requirements

Program Credits

THR 101 Introduction to Theatre 3
THR 102 Stagecraft I OR
THR 103 Stagecraft II 3
THR 104 Acting I 3
THR 106 Fundamentals of Theatre Design 3
THR 111 History of Theatre I OR
THR 112 History of Theatre II 3
THR 205
Directing OR Acting II (THR 105)

THR 223 Movement for Actors 3
THR Dramatic Literature (5) 3
THR Theatre Practicum (1) 3
THR Specialized Elective (4) 3


General Education Credits

COM Communication 3
ENG English Composition/Writing 6
MAT Mathematics 3
HIS 113 Western Civilization I 3
HIS 114 Western Civilization II 3
ENG Literature 3
FAS Art History (3) 3
Natural or Physical Science (2) 8
PSY 107 Introductory Psychology 3
Environmental Studies (2) 1


Total Credits 66

Additional Requirements

Core Competencies Portfolio 6 Items
Forum 12 Units
Health/Fitness 30 Hours
Minimum Cumulative Averages
(overall and area of specialization) 2.0

(1) THR 198, THR 199, THR 298, THR 299.

(2) Natural or Physical Science reqirements must be fulfilled by two 4-credit laboratory science courses. Completion of an environmentally focused laboratory science, such as BIO 109, BIO 110, ENV 101, ENV 102, fulfills both the Natural or Physical Science and the Enviornmental Studies requirements.

(3) Art History chosen from FAS 156, FAS 171, FAS 172, FAS 173 .

(4) Specialized elective chosen from courses designated THR, FAS, or MUS.

(5) Dramatic Literature chosen from THR 209, THR 210, or THR 214.