Finance: Trading

Finance: Trading

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

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Finance Chicago is the home of the world’s largest markets in financial derivatives. The markets form the focus of a large financial services industry that includes commercial and investment banks, investment management companies, hedge funds, private equity, and regulatory agencies. The primary objective of the M.S. Finance Program at IIT Stuart School of Business is to provide students with the skills and knowledge that are required to be a successful participant in this vibrant industry. The program is based upon a solid foundation in financial mathematics, statistics, and modeling. Core courses cover basic principles of valuation, portfolio management, and financial statement analysis. The program then offers a wide range of elective concentrations that are specifically related to careers in the financial services industry. The M.S. Finance degree program is the largest graduate program in finance at IIT. The program is closely related to other programs, including the Master’s in Mathematical Finance, the Master’s in Electricity Markets, and the finance concentrations in the Stuart M.B.A. and Ph.D. programs. Students who enroll in the M.S. Finance Program may take up to six credit hours of study in related programs. Graduates of the M.S. Finance Program are qualified to work in the following careers: • Quantitative financial analyst • Financial risk manager • Financial engineer • Derivative sales and trading • Portfolio manager • Hedge fund manager • Corporate financial analyst • Financial economist For the 2010–11 academic year, the M.S. Finance Program will offer the following concentrations: • Corporate finance • Financial economics • Financial econometrics • Financial engineering • Financial markets • Financial programming • High-frequency finance • Investment management • Risk management • Alternative investments • Trading • Entrepreneurial finance • Research in finance

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