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Ethics and Social Sustainability

Green Mountain College - Poultney, VT

Certificate (CERT)

The Ethics and Social Sustainability (ESS) certificate will add value to any major. It complements Green Mountain College’s sustainability-focused liberal arts mission and curriculum. The ESS certificate may be of interest to students aiming at graduate programs with an ethics emphasis, or students aimed at careers as teachers, attorneys, physicians, business leaders, policy makers and analysts, organizers, activists, religious leaders, and community developers. It will also be of interest to employers and admissions committees.

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Choose 12 credits from the following PHI/ELA 1045 Environmental Ethics 3cr PHI/ELA 1049 Moral Beliefs 3cr PHI 3007 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy 3cr PHI/ELA 3041 Ethical Theory 3cr PHI 3025/ENV 3026 Animal Ethics 3cr PHI 2000/3000 Topics in Philosophy 1-3cr PHI XXXX Independent Study in Philosophy 1-3cr PHI 4090 Senior Thesis in Philosophy 3cr PHI 4091 Internship in Philosophy 3cr Choose one course from another program. Any course with appropriate ethics content that is certified by the certificate director. Total credits for certificate in Ethics and Social Sustainability: 15