Environmental Management and Sustainability

Environmental Management and Sustainability

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

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In an era of rapid globalization, sustainability has emerged as a major challenge for societies and businesses alike, one requiring solutions from experts in business and environmental management, as well as in ethics and social responsibility. The multidisciplinary Environmental Management and Sustainability program at IIT Stuart School of Business integrates law, science, and business to answer the increasing demand for management professionals capable of seeking sustainable business solutions. Whether you’re interested in working for a nonprofit, a government entity, or a Fortune 500 company, you will have the insight necessary to navigate complex environmental and social sustainability issues—and drive business success. A One-of-a-Kind Educational Experience As one of only a few programs of its kind in the world and the only sustainability program in Chicago to be offered within a business school, the IIT Stuart Environmental Management and Sustainability (EMS) program trains professionals who can successfully make the business case for sustainability. You will learn how to be a change agent within a small, medium, or large organization. Careers The EMS degree will prepare you to make the business case for sustainability initiatives. It will help you excel in jobs and careers that bridge the huge and growing competence gap between environmental engineers and scientists on the one hand and business managers on the other. The EMS program prepares graduates to become sustainability and compliance management professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs in the burgeoning green business space. How to Know, Be, and Do—The IIT Stuart Difference The emerging, post-crisis, global business environment which we call the Next Economy will demand a new set of skills and competencies for you to succeed. At IIT Stuart, we are at the forefront of creating a transformative educational experience that prepares you to succeed in the complex and uncertain market place that is unfolding in front of our eyes. Our programs have all been thoroughly revamped to ensure their relevancy and deliver the following cutting-edge skills: • Knowing Skills: The integrated, multidisciplinary knowledge that you need to master the complex dynamics of the Next Economy and become an effective decision maker in it (e.g., cutting-edge theories, global business management and business model innovation). • Doing Skills: The skills you need to manage change, mobilize resources and steer your organization to success in the ever-changing world of the Next Economy (e.g., implementation skills, change management). • Being Skills: The intangible values and mindset you need to solve problems, lead people, and communicate across cultures in the Next Economy (e.g., social responsibility, ethics, cultural intelligence). Dual Degree Options Highly motivated EMS students can apply to the MBA/EMS dual degree program. If admitted, you can pursue the two degrees in parallel and achieve significant savings in both time and credit hours. For example, if you pursued MBA and EMS separately, you would need to complete a total of 27 courses to obtain two degrees. By doing them simultaneously, you have to complete only 21 courses – thus saving six courses. The exact courses you take would be identified by your academic advisor upon enrollment. Another interesting dual degree option is the Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainability/Juris Doctor offered in conjunction with IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. (Please note: the admission process for IIT Chicago-Kent is separate from that of IIT Stuart). This program also leads to a significant reduction in courses and time over pursuing the two degrees separately.

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