Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Tacoma Community College - Tacoma, WA

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TCC’s Business program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of business environments and leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree. The program’s structure is progressive, leading to four levels of achievement related to increasing levels of job responsibility. The Management certificate is recognized by WAFC (the Western Association of Food Chains). While most program courses are not intended for transfer to most four-year colleges and universities, several transfer-level courses are included in the degree plan, including BUS& 101, BUS& 201, CMST& 101, and ENGL& 101. Additional transfer-level courses may be substituted depending on a student’s degree plan. Students who plan to transfer should meet with the program chair before enrolling in this program. PROGRAM LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of the Associates in Applied Sciences degree in Business, students will: Be able to identify, select, communicate, and implement sound and appropriate business management or logistic concepts, strategies, and best practices in the pursuit of effective and efficient business operations. (COM, CRT, RES, IIT, LWC) Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate, problem solve, make and communicate effective decisions about business or logistic situations. (COM, CRT, RES, LWC) Display effective interpersonal communication, leadership, motivation, and team dynamics skills in their interactions with others. (COM, CRT, RES, LWC) Communicate effectively about business management or logistic issues, including the demonstration of competence with a wide variety of electronic tools to research, analyze, manage, and present information orally and in writing. (COM, CRT, IIT) Consistently apply, role model, and communicate high standards of ethical judgment and behavior in the conduct of personal and business affairs. (COM, CRT, RES, LWC)

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