Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

Triton College - River Grove, IL

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The Engineering Technology curriculum provides the learner with working knowledge of engineering technology, including basic and advanced drafting and design principles using various 2D and 3D CAD systems, integrating Lean principles in the design process and knowledge of working with various measurement devices used in determining Quality Assurance of prototypes and finished goods. While in the program, the learner will be able to seek out entry-level and internship opportunities in engineering departments, plant maintenance, production departments and technical sales and support. Upon successful completion of the Engineering Technology program, the graduate will be able to: Identify quality improvement methods used in the industry, including being able to develop your own process improvement action plans. Develop and roll out a product development plan from knowledge gained in coursework covering the various processes for manufacturing a product. Utilize various methods of measuring for the purpose of reverse engineering and quality assurance needs in the design build process. Analyze a piece-part drawing and make an appropriate listing of operations to obtain the desired part in the most cost and time efficient manner. Identify and take into account the applied physics principles that come into play in the design-build process of a manufactured product. Know your responsibilities as part of a design team and the ethics that should be practiced in this process, appreciating the overall human context in which Engineering Technology activities take place. Have the opportunity to advance in your careers and continue your professional development through four-year transfer programs offered at institutions, such as Illinois State University, Purdue University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Southern Illinois University and others with related programs around the country.

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