Drawing with Your Right Brain (Morning Session)

Drawing with Your Right Brain (Morning Session)

Pasadena City College - Pasadena, CA

  • Non-Credit

Tap into your right brain and learn to draw as you never thought possible! In this supportive atmosphere you will experiment with pencil, charcoal and pastels while developing and expanding your observational abilities. Working with simple still-life set-ups, you will practice right brain exercises, use line drawing, learn to shade, cross contour and add dimension to your work. You will be able to draw what you actually see, letting go of preconceived (left brain) images by developing composition, space and proportion. No previous drawing experience is necessary. Bring 8½" x 11" paper and pencils to class. A materials list (supply cost approx. $40) will be available at the first class. Class is designed for adults.

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