Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Triton College - River Grove, IL

  • AAS

Digital Photography offers students an opportunity to acquire specific skills in the creation of photographic images for fine art and commercial use. The associate's degree program provides background in art and design theories, photographic composition, studio portrait and product photography, photographic production and marketing of images for Web and multimedia. Computer skills are developed through photographic projects using Adobe software, including Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Final Cut and others. Qualified individuals may find employment as freelance photographers and in photographic studios. Upon successful completion of the Digital Photography Associate Degree, the student will be able to: Adhere and apply to all licensing, model and legal rights to photographic images. Demonstrate critique techniques to assess student work verbally and in writing. Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrate the ability to edit, print and store images in a computer and photographic specific software. Demonstrate the ability to operate professional photography camera and studio equipment. Apply photography design, production and client specifications to photographic images. Identify significant historical events in photography and the social and artistic impact of the events. Identify significant photographers from history and their contribution to photography as an art or method of mass communication. Demonstrate and apply photographic concepts to video productions. Demonstrate the ability to measure and adjust for various location lighting conditions. Demonstrate proficiency in studio lighting set-up and application. Create a printed portfolio of photographic images to meet the individual goals of the student. Create a Web gallery and digital portfolio of photographic images. Apply time management skills by beginning and finishing practical projects on time. This will be measured by practical exams given throughout the program. Present a final digital and printed portfolio for assessment of creativity and skills.

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