Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

California State University-Bakersfield - Bakersfield, CA

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CSUBÕs Criminal Justice Department offers course work for individuals who are interested in understanding the causes, responses, and impact of crime on communities. Students learn about the criminal justice systemÕs place in society, its development through time, and the role of societyÕs views towards crime and punishment and how it shapes the systemÕs actions, values, philosophies, and resources. Specific studies include course work addressing the network of formal institutions and processes such as law enforcement, juvenile and adult courts, as well as corrections. Criminal Justice majors leave CSUB grounded in the intricacies of the U.S. justice system network, the theories underlying criminal behavior, and the research methodologies used to develop and test such hypotheses. Additionally, majors and non-majors have the opportunity to take elective courses on ethics, drugs, prisonersÕ and victimsÕ rights, as well as classes addressing race and gender issues involving crime and prosecution.

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